Mauritius is the perfect setting for that tropical beach honeymoon, clear skies, palm tree’s and coral reefs complete with romantic sunsets. The icing on the cake for Mauritius has to be the stylish and elegant hotels it has to offer perfect for honeymoon couples wanting some luxury and romance. It’s quite a way to travel at around 11 and a half hours but so worth it.

Honeymoon in Mauritius

Attractions in Mauritiusattractions

  • Mauritius’s Botanical Garden is one of its main attractions, built in 1767 it’s famous for its giant water lilies and collection of tropical palm trees. Taking a romantic walk around the garden and truly appreciating it’s beauty seems like the perfect way to start off a relaxing honeymoon.
  • Île aux Cerfs Island is the ultimate paradise in Mauritius, well known for it’s picturesque beaches and beautiful lagoons Île aux Cerfs Island is a must visit, you can take a swim in the gorgeous lagoons or if you fancy being a bit more on the adventurous side the island offers many activates to take part in.
  • Chamarel Park is a very popular and unique attraction, home to the famous Chamarel water fall and the only place in the world where you can seven colours of earth in one place. With the most beautiful water fall and unique colours of the earth Chamarel Park is a once in a life time visit to share with you’re loved one!
  • If you’re into endangered species and rare but beautiful plants and animals then Ile aux Aigrettes, a tiny coral island protected by Mauritian Wildlife Foundation surrounded by clear waters and covered lush exotic plants it’s a picturesque setting will create a memorable day trip on you’re honeymoon.

beaches in Mauritius

Best Time of Year to go Mauritius

sunshineThere is no right or wrong time to visit Mauritius, its summer month’s start in November and end in May with highs of 35 and lows of 25 degrees. Its winter months may be more suited to couples who don’t like it too hot with highs of 25 and lows of 19 it can hardly be classed as winter. If you’re looking for some peace and privacy the only time I would suggest to avoid is Christmas and New Year when Mauritius is at its busiest.