Jamaica is one of three northern Caribbean Islands, filled with waterfalls, springs and streams is has one of the most beautiful landscapes. The larger cities on the islands are packed with activates for tourists and honeymooners to experience together whilst taking in and enjoying the fun and joy of Caribbean culture. Flights are on average 9 hours from the UK, not too long at all considering the amazing, memorable time you are bound to have.

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Attractions in Jamaicaattractions

  • The waterfalls and springs of Dunn’s River Falls makes it one of the most romantic and picturesque spots in Jamaica perfect for relaxing, taking in the scenery and perhaps a picnic finished off with a refreshing glass of champagne.
  • If you’re a little more adventurous then you would enjoy the exhilarating ride up Black River sighting hundreds of species of birds and the endangered crocodiles! A guide will be on the tour making sure you don’t miss out on any of the sights Black River has to offer whilst educating you on an adventure you are sure to never forget.
  • Good Hope Plantation is the perfect place for couple to retreat to on their Jamaican honeymoon. This gorgeous 18th century estate in the most beautiful surroundings and hosts a range of activities for guests and visitors. Tennis courts, outdoor Jacuzzis along with horse back riding are just a few things the fabulous estate has to offer
  • If you want to experience some true Jamaican culture then the Jamaican Carnival that takes place at Easter is the perfect time of year to you’re your honeymoon. All the big centres are packed with parades, dancers and music filling the streets. Typical Jamaican dress is worn and locals along with tourists can dance into the early hours of the night listening to reggae and calypso bands!

Best Time of Year to go to Jamaica

sunshineAlthough a tropical Caribbean island Jamaica can be a bit hit and miss weather wise depending on the time of year. It will always be hot with average yearly temperatures around 30 degrees however if you wish to avoid experiencing a possible hurricane or a tropical rain shower there are quite a few months to be avoided. May, June, September and October are the islands rainiest months, some couples may love to be caught up in a refreshing shower but if that’s not you avoid those months. Hurricanes are most common throughout August and September, it’s probably best to reconsider your destination if you’re adamant on taking your honeymoon in either of those months