Hawaii is made up of 6 main islands, each one individual and with different opportunities to offer it can be hard to decide which of the popular beautiful islands to choose from. Part of the USA and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean Hawaii has what’s known as the ‘perfect climate’ never too hot or too cold all year round. A flight from England to Hawaii does take a very long 20 hours or so but it’s worth it. It would recommend going to Hawaii if you have a lot of time to spare for you’re honeymoon, you don’t want to spend two days and nights out of a seven traveling when you could be spending time on a gorgeous beach else where a lot closer to home.

hawaii hanalei bay

 Attractions in Hawaiiattractions

  • What better way to start off a honeymoon then with a helicopter ride over the fiery lava of the big islands volcano! It’s an amazing site to see along with the many romantic waterfalls and tropical rain forest the island has to offer.
  • One of the famous beaches in Hawaii is on the big island, the black sanded beach Punaluu. Due to the volcanic activity on the islands Hawaii is home to some of the most unusual coloured beaches, along with the typical picturesque white beaches there is also green and black sand beaches! Spend the days relaxing on the colourful and unique beaches.
  • Each of the islands has different but all fabulous cruises for you to enjoy. Day cruises involve activates such as buffet lunches, whale watching and snorkeling whilst evening cruises tour the islands and provide a romantic three course meal under the amazing sunset.
  • If you’re up for a bit of fun and want to try a new sport Hawaii has many activities tailored to honeymoon couples a great one to try is surfing lessons! As long as you’re not afraid of waves and can swim in the sea you’re bound to have a laugh and an enjoyable afternoon together learning to surf!

Best Time of Year to go to Hawaii

sunshineHawaii has only two seasons, summer and winter and on average there is only about 3 degree’s difference between the two. This makes Hawaii the perfect place for honeymoons any time of the year! It rain’s a little near enough everyday at some point on one of the Islands however it never lasts for long and the sun always stays out, it just helps to make it one of the greenest beautiful places in the world.