Fiji is the perfect island to spend a truly laid back honeymoon enjoying each others company, tropical scenery and spending time exploring amazing harmless sea life. It’s made up of 333 islands however only 100 of them are inhabited, situated in the South Pacific Ocean.

Plantation Island Resort on a Fiji Island

To get all the way from England to Fiji can take a very long 25 – 30 hour flight and cost around £1500 per person, so works out at one of the more expensive honeymoon options – however it is a once in a life time opportunity. If flying time isn’t an issue for you and you have a good 3 weeks to spend on a fabulous honeymoon together I’d defiantly make it happen and choose Fiji.

Attractions in Fijiattractions

  • Island day cruises to the Mamanuca Islands, a collection of over 30 small islands just off the coast of Nadi is one of the most popular attractions Fiji has to offer. In just one day it’s possible to visit many of the islands and your choice which of the islands you choose to explore in depth whether it’s to visit a luxury spa resort, dolphin watch, snorkel, or enjoy a beach BBQ.
  • Bouma National Park Fiji is a fabulous opportunity to see some exotic tropical rain forest, volcanic peaks, stunning cove and mountain cliffs that fall into the sea. Guided walks are offered whiles if you wish to go it alone there are ready made paths for you to follow ensuring you don’t get lost. One of the amazing sights to be seen in the national park is the Tavoro Falls, three beautiful and romantic water falls. If you would rather stick to the coastal route rather than through the thick of the forest kayak adventures are available!
  • If you’re into picturesque landscapes and traditional cultural villages then you must visit Navala Village, it’s one of few remaining villages in the south pacific where all houses are built from traditional materials. The homes are all one room buildings and have thatched roofs. Tourists are welcomed as guests and a little ceremony is held by the locals where you can experience some native food and drink.

beaches fiji

Best Time of Year to go to Fiji

sunshineFiji is the perfect place for a beach honeymoon, its tropical climate hosts highs that never drop below 25 degrees what ever time of the year it is! May through to the end of October are the best months to visit Fiji, they are the cooler months by on average 1 or 2 degrees, however they are also the driest. Going to Fiji any time between November and April will most probably end up in you being caught in numerous tropical showers as it’s the islands wet season.