One of the most beautiful yet liveliest of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is surrounded with stretches of white sandy beaches and the clear blue ocean. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea a direct return flight from England to the stunning Caribbean Island takes just over 8 hours from the UK and will set you back around £700. It’s the perfect hot spot for romantic couples who love to try out new and exciting activities.

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Attractions in Barbadosattractions

Barbados is jam packed with amazing things to do the list is endless.

  • If you’re a couple who loves nothing more then taking part in some exhilarating water sports then the East, South and West Coasts are perfect. The Northern Coast is a no swim zone however all three other coast lines provide a wide range of water sports from diving and surfing to rafting and snorkeling with turtles.
  • For the animal lovers who would love to do something memorable together there are many wildlife reserves, zoos and safaris to explore and see some exotic species in their natural habitat. There is also the amazing opportunity to take day trips on underwater submarines and see the sea life up close.
  • If you’re looking for a honeymoon where all you want to do is soak up the sun and feel refreshed then Barbados is great, its well known for its clean air and relaxing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ attitudes of the local Barbadians.
  • Spa honeymoons are increasingly popular what better way to wind down after all the wedding preparation stress then in one of Barbados’s amazing spa facilities. There is a wide range of spa’s all over the island that provide unique massage treatments along with facials, body wraps and make-up services, perfect!
  • Barbados is full of culture and natural beauty, Harrison’s Cave is a must see with its bubbling underground streams and waterfalls. There are tropical flowers in abundance that bloom all over the island creating a picturesque romantic setting what ever you’re up to. With all that it has to offer it’s easy to see why Barbados is the number one choice for honeymooners.
  • If you’re thinking it’s a bit too good to be true and you’re concerns are now turned towards the night life then you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about! There truly is something for every couple, if you want to keep things simple then a romantic meal lit by candle light on the beach followed by a moon lit walk is easily achievable. However if you want something a little different then take a pick of historic dinner shows, night clubs playing live local music, street parties, beach parties and possibly the most special of the lot a romantic cruise alone for you newly weds on a private catamaran.

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Best Time of Year to go to Barbados

sunshineIf you’re not planning on being a caught up in a shower of rain while on you’re honeymoon then you’re best off going in the dry season between January and June. Although it’s called the ‘dry season’ it’s not unbearably hot, most of the time there is a cool breeze will keep you refreshed especially along the East Coast.