There are many weird yet wonderful customs and traditions when it comes to wedding shoes. Probably the most widely known is to tie shoes to the bumper of the newly weds car.


Older and less well known traditions include throwing shoes at the newly wed couple, the groom tapping his new bride on the forehead with the heel of her shoe to show authority over her, and also the bride throwing her shoes instead of her bouquet.

Traditions for Wedding Shoes

These traditions have possibly died out due to a breach of health and safety regulations!

In the UK there is a tradition of the bride wearing ‘something old, something new,’ originally stems from the wedding rhyme, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’ The silver sixpence placed in the bride’s shoe is a tradition and gesture of good luck. The father of the bride places the sixpence as a symbol of him wishing her prosperity, love and happiness in her marriage.


Lucky Sixpence’ For Her Shoe

  • Hochzeit-Schuhe is a old German tradition where the bride has to collect pennies before she is even engaged to be married to then buy her wedding shoes. This tradition is meant to ensure that the marriage will start off on the right foot and have an ability to be frugal. On the wedding day the bride’s mother puts dill into the brides right shoe for luck.
  • Signing the sole of the wedding shoe, this trend has Turkish roots and traditionally the bride would get all her single bridesmaids and female relatives to sign the soles of her wedding shoes. At the end of the wedding night, whoever’s signature was most faded is said t be then next to marry.

writing on wedding shoes

  • At the wedding reception in Portugal the bride takes off her shoes. They are then used for the guests to put some money inside. The bride and groom use the money to finance their honeymoon.
  • In some sectors of Nepali and Indian culture there is a wedding tradition called “Joota Chupai” of steeling the groom shoes. The groom must remove his shoes before he gets on the stage where the wedding takes place.  At this point, the bride’s family tries to steal his shoes and then ransom the shoes back to him.  The groom’s family tries to protect the shoes and this involves some trickery with the groom’s friends or male cousins/brothers guarding the shoes, or even having a “decoy” pair of shoes to throw the brides sisters off.  Inevitably scuffles can break out over the shoes and once the shoes are stolen the groom has to pay a bribe to get them back after the wedding ceremony.

indian wedding tradition

  • An old and adorable Swedish wedding custom is for the bride to have coins in her wedding shoes. The left shoe should have a silver coin from her father, and the right shoe a gold coin given from her mother, the tradition is said to ensure the bride will never go without.