The hen party also known as the hen do, hen night or bridal shower, is a pre-wedding party held for the bride to be and to be a celebration for her and friends. The party is usually women only and will consist of the bride to be, bridesmaids, the bride and grooms mother and other female friends.

Hen Party Ideas

Historically this may have been just a social gathering at the parents house, more modern trends are for the hen night to be a girl night out, maybe with a chauffeur driven limousine, drinking, dancing and sometimes dares with sexual themes and innuendos with a Strip-O-Gram!

Some Hen parties join up with the stag night men for couples to go home together at the end of the night.

Hen Party Games

hen party games

It is quite common for hen nights to include girly games, craziness and pranks, whether this will be mild to wild drinking games or dares and tasks. If you are thinking that Hen nights are a lot less boisterous and wild as the stag do then think again! If your hen friends have a wild side then yo may want to look on how you can make this a “safe” night to remember.

A chauffeured limo trip around the city can be just the trick and will still have that fun factor as well as limiting the alcohol intake for an hour or so. Dancing and some long drinks can also set a longer page than the chaser cocktails.

Hen Party Clothes

One of the big tell telling signs of the hen party is the dress and accessories worn by all the guests. This can range from Hen party T-shirts to slashes, to balloons to a complete themed fancy dress event like superheros! Your sure to have a whole load of fun with the goodies that can be bought to create dares, giggles and more! Popular hen party accessories include shot-glasses on ribbons, the flashing devil horns, whistles, dare cards and handcuffs.

Hen Party Events

pamper day

If you want to look at doing something memorable for your hen party then a planned event will be a good choice.

Planed events can range from anything sporty, shopping trips, to pamper days, so girls this is going to be a treat for you!

Events which can be a giggle for all and get the lads chatting are pole dancing, cheerleader lessons or even burlesque dancing or dirty dancing lessons.

If you are a sporty chick then you may like to try something like horse riding, ice skating or a chocolate treasure hunt. But remember the paint-balling and quad bike are not just for the lads!

For a more relaxing hen party there is the pamper day where you and friends can indulge in some much needed top to toe treatments.

Hen Party Ideas for Party Weekends

london trip

The popular destinations for Hen weekend are London, Dublin, Bath, Brighton, Paris, Spain and York.

A city hen night can be a great night out for hitting the bars and clubs but also great for catching a show or a comedy club.

If you want to do something like shopping and sightseeing in the city then try and make this structured to avoid it being like an everyday event. You may want to organise some special stops like a makeover and photo shoot, wine tasting event or event a ghost tour.

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Hen Night Safety Tips

Both hen parties and stag do’s shouldn’t start on an empty stomach. Have a carb-rich meal that fills the stomach. Food slows down alcohol getting into your bloodstream, will help to soak up the alcohol and the nutrients in your system will help with the hangover.

Trying to keep up with the girls drinking could result in disaster and you leaving the party early. Remember people have different drinking speeds and also different tolerances to alcohol.

Keep an eye out for your friends, make sure you don’t get separated and never leave drinks unattended. If you are offered drinks make sure you see them being poured at the bar.

If you are on a hen party abroad some continental beers can contain more alcohol content. Spirits may also be stronger and poured without the standard measure so be careful of those cocktails. If possible try to have the longer mixer type drinks – the lighter spirits like vodka as the dark based spirits usually result in heavier hangovers.

Keep hydrated, alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes you to pass a lot more water than you normally would, you can avoid dehydration by drinking water or soft drinks in-between alcoholic drinks.

Do not walk home alone, both men and women are far more likely to get attacked when alone and drunk. It is best to pre-arrange lifts or make sure you have enough money and more than one taxi number for the cab home. Never get into unlicensed minicabs.

Finally drink a large glass of water before going to bed and keep a full glass by the bed if you wake thirsty. Try to remember to take out long jangly earrings and wipe the makeup off.

The Morning After

morning afterIf you are feeling a little tender with a hangover the morning after then the ‘hair of the dog’ isn’t a good idea! Take aspirin, paracetamol or Alka-Seltzer and rehydrate by drinking lots of water or fruit juice with vitamin C, avoid caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee as these could dehydrate the body further. Toast is usually the best things to eat and if you feel up to it get some fresh air.

Have a great hen night or weekend, let your hair down, enjoy yourself. Keep yourself and friends safe and try to have some memories after the event.