You may have heard of the grooms cake whilst looking into your wedding plans and wondered what exactly is a grooms cake and what is the tradition and history around this and maybe if you should get one for your wedding as well as a traditional wedding cake.

grooms cake

 The History and Etiquette of a Grooms Cake

The grooms cake originated from South America and was said to be a gift from the bride to the groom. The Grooms cake originally was a small rectangle fruit cake covered in marzipan. Today it’s not your usual wedding cake and can take any form from fruit, sponge to chocolate or even cheese cake. Grooms cakes are usually placed separately from the wedding cake as a separate display or sometimes used at the rehearsal dinner.

The groom’s cake would be cut up and taken home, the history around this is that single women are meant to place it under their pillows and dream of their future husband.

It’s a fun superstition and is still around in South America growing widely to other parts of the world.

The benefits of having a grooms cake are that the bride and groom can both have their own choice of cake flavor and design! You will be able to have that traditional elegant wedding cake and also have a humorous twist and lighthearted feel with the grooms cake.

Grooms Cake Ideas

You should really have some fun when choosing the grooms cake, this is where you can add a lot of personality and humor to your wedding without it looking tacky.

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