Although grey is regarded as the color of sorrow it is actually this years 2010 colour with of choice for weddings. Native Americans associated grey with friendship it is seen as the symbol of security, maturity & dependability.

grey wedding flowers

Grey gives off a sense of responsibility & conservative practicality and has a cooling effect when teamed with other colours, especially more vibrant shades and silver grey can be a more active colour. Dark, charcoal grey carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black and may give that formal look to a wedding.

Grey is a sophisticated colour without much of the negative attributes of black.

Popular Grey Wedding Flowers.

Classic flowers will create the perfect sophisticated feel for your wedding day but other than some silver thistles and foliage, grey flowers are hard to come by. If the thistle and foliage are not on your “wanted” list you could opt for grey silk flowers, or add a secondary colour to combine. A secondary colour scheme with grey will transform the look and help you achieve your desired results of a classy, vibrant, pastel or bold theme.  Other options to consider will be to add something like grey feathers, rhinestones, lace, ribbons and bows.

Whether your flowers will be used for bridal bouquets, centrepieces on tables, or just decorations around the room, in general they are a great way to showcase your accent colour and create a beautiful grey wedding theme.

Subtle Grey Weddings

A subtle accent colour can be achieved with lighter shades of grey and combining with other pale and pastel colours. You can also keep the theme light by adding only a few grey flowers or foliage to each bouquet, floral arrangements at the ceremony and to your table centrepieces at wedding reception. The hint of colour will carry the theme through the wedding but not be overpowering.

Bold Grey Weddings

For a more dominant or bold statement with grey choose the darker charcoal greys or a stronger secondary colour like reds, purple or yellows.

To add the impact choose trails of matching satin ribbons as accessorising with your flowers is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to include your complimenting colour.

Popular Grey Combinations

Grey can be matched with quite a few colours both lighter and dark. For weddings the popular colour matches with Grey are

  • Grey and purple
  • Grey and yellow
  • Grey and pink
  • Grey and blue
  • Grey and red
Flower Tip When planning your wedding and wedding flowers don’t forget to check the seasonality of your chosen flowers with your wholesalers or florists. Some flowers can be hard to get hold of in some months and this will reflect in the availability and their price.