Seating plans are no longer just about publishing what table your guests are seated at, or a tool to organise the family at the wedding reception. Today seating plans can play as much in the reception theme and decor as the table accessories and room decorations. Below we have pulled together some of the current popular trends in seating plans and a few more unusual ideas to inspire your choices.

The Suitcase Table Plan

This beautiful vintage inspired wedding suitcase seating plan has a lovely charm, and will probably inspire the DIY brides who would love to have a go at making this themselves. The design is perfect for the country wedding theme and could be styled to be either rustic or country garden with that floral finish.  The suitcase could also have a duel usage and would make a fantastic keepsake box with the original seating plan plus other accessories and wedding trinkets such as a favour, some confetti, cake topper, place card, invitations etc.

vintage suitcase table planner

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Mirror Table Plan

The very popular mirrored table planner suits an elegant and traditional wedding theme and again can suite the bride who just loves DIY.  Your mirrored planner can be put together either by sticking designed table cards onto the mirror, or by dry writing on glass, this can be done with either a dry ease markers or special wax crayons.

mirrored seating chart

Ice Sculpture Seating Plan

perfect for any time of year this ice sculpture has frozen into it the reception seating plan and has a beautiful butterfly design

Ice sculpture table plan with butterflies

 Glacial Art Ice Sculptors created this Seating plan Ice sculpture