When choosing a wedding ring for the Bride it is important to match the metal of the wedding ring to the metal of her engagement ring. This is because softer metals will wear against harder ones and become damaged. Generally you also match the standard of gold with the engagement ring so if she wears an 18ct gold engagement ring you would choose and 18ct gold wedding ring however it is possible to vary between these.

Wedding rings

Jewellery designs and metals

There are many different types of metal to choose from for your wedding ring. The most popular and traditional choices are platinum or gold however metals such as titanium and palladium are also becoming popular for Brides and Grooms. Each metal varies in durability and resistance therefore it is important to consider this when choosing which one is right for you.

Different textures and patterns can be applied to your wedding rings to add a finishing touch or to create a personalised look that may be special to you. Whilst engraved patterns look great is it important to consider the fact that they are deeper and are likely to gradually become slightly worn over time. This usually only becomes a problem if you handle rough materials or work in an environment that involves manual labour. If this applies to you then a plain wedding band would be recommended.

It is beneficial to look at many different styles of wedding jewellery before you decide the jewellery that you wish to have. Before choosing your wedding jewellery the first stage is to choose your wedding dress, this then helps you to choose the jewellery that best suits the dress so that you have just the right amount of wedding sparkles to complete your look.

The colour of your wedding jewellery is an important decision to make. If you choose to wear white or ivory then ivory freshwater pearls are recommended as they complement both of these colours and will look fabulous. If you are unsure about which colours will match the wedding outfit you have chosen try to arrange a dress fitting where you can take each piece of jewellery that you are considering buying.

You should also take these points into consideration when choosing your bridesmaids jewellery, they too need beautiful jewellery that will complement their outfits as they help to make your special day perfect.