This Flattering A-line Wedding Dress is a fabulous flattering style of wedding gown perfectly suited to most body shapes, this one is no exception and with its spaghetti straps and waist band sash it’s even more flattering then most! It’s a simple dress with little added extras that make it special, the skirt is hemmed with gorgeous lace that works it way up creating a beautiful subtle pattern.

Flattering A-line Wedding Dress

The sash waist band ties off centre in a large statement bow, it’s a great way to take attention away from a larger stomach making it look smaller in comparison to the oversized bow.

The length of the tie does a fab job at drawing the eye up and down the body elongating a petite frame whilst the option to have the sash in any colour makes it versatile to suiting the different seasons and able to be perfectly matched to your colour scheme.