Flats, ballet and dolly shoes can be the perfect choice for the taller bride and those seeking some much needed comfort from the heels during the wedding day and evening reception.

Dolly Bridal Shoes

With brides and weddings in mind the designs of shoes have become much more interesting and unique with some almost bespoke designs readily to pick up from the high-street.

Cutting the Costs

If you are on a tight budget or don’t really want to spend the extra cash on expensive wedding shoes then why not have a little DIY time! You will be surprised what off the shelf flats can look like with some TLC, glitter, pearls, lace and glue. Thinking along the lines of the button and brooch bouquet could be quite fun but just keep in mind that what ever you decorate with doesn’t catch, pull or run onto your wedding dress.

 decorate wedding shoes

Contrasting Wedding Shoes

Why not go for the surprise of colour with completely contrasting colours you will make your wedding pictures completely pop.

purple satin ballet pumps

The great things about flats are not just the prices and the comfort, they can be slipped into a day bag and quickly just slipped on – maybe a mush have for the tall brides and pictures as you can then get the est of both worlds.