Diamonds are the world’s most precious gemstones and are seen as the token of love and affection, therefore choosing your diamond jewellery is always a special and exciting moment. But it is important to know a little bit about diamonds so that you can choose the best ones for you.


There are four different factors to consider when choosing the quality of your diamonds. These are known as the four C’s which are; colour, cut, carat and clarity. This grading system allows you to compare the quality of different diamonds so that you can choose a good quality diamond that is in your price range.

If your engagement ring or wedding jewellery have diamonds it is important to find the right cut within your price range as the cut of your diamond determines how much your diamonds will sparkle and reflect light so that it really shines. If you are looking for a really good cut it means the jewellery will be more expensive so it is important to find the right amount of sparkle for your budget.