If you have an artistic flare or unfortunately your budget couldn’t stretch to afford an all singing all dancing professional photographer and package with an album included here are some top tips in creating your own. It will be unique and you will cherish it forever not only because of the images to remind you of your special day but because of the effort you put in creating it.

wedding photo albums

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The first step is the fun bit choosing your photographs! Couples usually love to sit and choose there photos together reminiscing already on what a wonderful day they had. Your pictures, depending on the style of photography you choose you may need to order them especially if you went for the photo-journalistic look. It’s up to you whether you choose to print your images in colour or black and white, a mixture will always look nice as will black and white images with a splash of colour from the bouquet or car perhaps.

When you have figured out how many images you have you should be able to estimate the amount of pages you will need for your album. Whether you are going to buy a pre-made album to show case your gorgeous pictures or create one completely from scratch starting with creating your own paper to mount the pictures upon is completely up to you but you will still need to know the amount of pages. There is nothing worse then half filling an album as special as your wedding one or on the other hand having to select which images won’t be included simply due to lack of pages.

Now you have that sorted its time to either choose your album and ever so neatly stick your photographs in or start some hard work started choosing the colours, textures and elegant décor for your handmade album not to mention decisions on shape or how to bind the book!

Stores such as hobby craft have everything you can think of in the way of crafts so it’s a great place to stop off if you really love the thought of making your album unique. It’s a good idea to check out ready made albums for ideas first, you will see that in a wedding albums case less is always more so choose your décor carefully before you go stitching pearls, ribbons and beads all over your cover.

For that professional finish on your album its always a good idea to use double sided sticky tape rather then glue that can get every where and look a mess, another good tip is to stick to a fairly neutral colour scheme, you won’t find and professional photographers offering wedding albums in primary colours. Invest in good quality cartridge paper for the pages also fabric covers can look gorgeous if done right. Also lastly don’t be afraid to ask, even though you may want to make your own album you may not have all the equipment. A lot of stores and super markets have book covering and binding equipment in there photo printing section and are usually more than happy to help!