If you’re looking for a wedding dress full of elegance and style this Cream Pattern Wedding Dress is perfect. It’s a gorgeous column style that’s well suited to very slim women, tall or petite.

Cream Pattern Wedding Dress

The column style hugs the figure showing off sexy curves and then floats down past the hips softly, it’s a great style for petite brides as it doesn’t over power their small frame. This one is a little more structured flares out from under the hips a little more then some other column dresses but it all helps to create the fabulous silhouette and train that’s beautifully hand embroidered with lace giving a very classy and decorative look to a simple style dress.

The neck line is strapless, a very popular style well suited to slim upper arms and a small to medium chest. Another reason the style is so popular is it leaves a lot of skin bare enabling you to ware some fabulous jewellery with out it looking too much.