Why not wow your guests with a little surprise as they arrive at the wedding reception with a little cocktail sophistication.  Parched from the photo session or emotional from the whole event you wedding party are sure to love the idea of a something special waiting for them as they arrive and start to relax.

cocktail ideas for your wedding-day

Ideal cocktails for the summer wedding

Is your wedding is planned for the summer months? If so than a much welcomed idea could be to offer sorbet or even slush cocktails to cool your guests down. What could be more desired and refreshing than a champagne sorbet for the ladies, fruit slush for the children and a cheeky whiskey sorbet for the gents? Decorating can also be fun with fruits including strawberries, zesty lemons or just a simple slice of cool cucumber!

cocktail for summer weddings

Ideal cocktails for the winter wedding

This is where the winter warmer can be truly sumptuous! Why not meet and greet your guests with a rich warm Pimms punch, a Baileys Irish Cream hot chocolate or the much loved  traditional hot toddy.  For the Christmas wedding why not trim the glasses with a candy cane, Santa strirrers, berries or cute little marshmallows.

winter warmers for weddings

Why not create your very own Signature Cocktail

Match your theme, or browse through the cocktail recipes below