The venue of your wedding can be one of the most difficult things to choose when planning your wedding as it acts as a sort of backdrop to the whole day. Your wedding venue sets the scene and helps to create the ideal atmosphere for your wedding so that you can have the perfect day you have always dreamed of.

Choosing your Wedding Venue

People have different tastes and different interpretations of how they want their perfect day to be. This is why it can sometimes be very difficult to find the perfect venue for you, especially considering how many different options you have to choose from. Whether you are looking for something romantic, practical, traditional or unexpected the perfect venue for your wedding could be anything from a historical, romantic castle to a simple, sweet homely cottage.

First and foremost you need to consider where your venue will be that will hold your wedding reception. Of course the number of guests that you are planning on inviting will have a big impact on your decision as some venues can be instantly be crossed off your list of possibilities for being too small or too big. A tip which may help you whilst you are making this decision would be to spend time in the room/place of your potential venues and imagine different aspects of your wedding. For example, try to picture things such as the decorations put around the room and where in the room your guests would be seated along with where the top table would be held, where the entertainment would be held and is the dance floor big enough for your number of guests? There is a lot more to think about then you may first have thought so again make sure you invest time in really focusing on imagining different aspects of how you picture your wedding reception in your different choices of venues.

Listed here are a few ideas of the wide range of venues available to get you thinking; a hotel, a marquee, a castle, a grand hall, a historical building, the local pub or a favourite restaurant that is willing to cater for you. The venue for your wedding could even be outdoors such as beside a lake or waterfall or it could even be on the beach beside the sea. You may opt for a wedding in the garden of your home decorated to suit your personal taste. Another option could be something really extreme such as sky diving or mountain climbing with the gorgeous scenery surrounding you being the venue for your special day and creating the perfect backdrop.

As you can see there are so many venues to choose from so it can be quite difficult to decide as a couple which one would be best for your wedding. However, it is not always as simple as choosing the venue that best suits your personal taste, other factors also need to be taken into consideration such as your budget, number of guests attending, seating arrangements, entertainment arrangements, the practicality and cost of travel. For example if your wedding reception is not in walking distance from the place that you wedding ceremony took place then you will need to arrange transport. Whether your guests make their own way, or whether you hire a bus, coach or cars is up to you but you will have to bare in mind practicality if you’re considering this option.

Hiring transport can become costly if you have a large number of guests and then you also have the problem of how people will get home after a drink depending on where the venues is, the alternative option to staying over night as apposed to having to find a way home is a positive hotels and some other venues will offer. If your venue is pretty far away from the majority of your guest’s homes then a place for guests to stay over night is worth keeping in mind.

Another factor to help you narrow down choices is the cost, each of the different venues mentioned above alter in costs significantly ranging from free to thousands so your budget will effect your decision greatly. If you have a lot of cash to splash on your special day then you can pretty much choose whichever venue is your favourite, however, if you have a small budget you may wish to consider a venue that is local or even having it outdoors or in your garden and decorating the venue with lights, flowers and ribbon, each option being equally as special but suited to different budgets.

Whilst considering your budget for your venue you should ask whether the venue will or can supply the catering and a DJ some even offer decorations, you should receive a quote for the cost of the venue with and without the extras if you have the option and weigh up what is the best thing for you to do, sometimes it can make life a lot easier if the venue comes ready decorated with the worry of the caterers not turning up on the day.