At every wedding, wherever in the world there is one thing all guests look forward too and that is the wedding cake! Not only is the cake a focal point and great for photographs at the wedding reception it also has a long history of tradition.

wedding cake

Wedding cakes come in all shapes, colours, flavors and sizes. They can be elegant, modern, fun and contemporary or even a mixture of both if you choose to have an additional grooms cake. So how do you begin to choose which is the right one for you?

Choosing the perfect cake for your wedding will all be made so much simpler by taking into consideration the following things individually.

Choosing the Size and Shape of a Wedding Cake

The size of the cake you choose will mostly depend on how many guests you are inviting, you need to make sure each guest is going to have an adequate wedding cake serving.  Shape does make a difference too when it comes to how many servings you can get from a cake so keep that in mind. A square cake will serve more than a round cake of the same size which can cut costs if you’re on a budget. Cake sizes can get pretty confusing when you’re calculating how many guests you need to feed. The best bet is to discuss it properly with your baker and let them give you the best options.

How many Tiers for a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes traditionally are made up of three tiers of fruit cake iced and decorated to fit in with the colour scheme and theme of the wedding.

However if your wedding is small e.g. around 30 people attending then a two tier wedding cake would be large enough as you don’t want to have lots of left over cake.

Usually the baker can help with calculating the size of your wedding cake for how many guests and how many tiers.

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What Flavour / Flavours for a Wedding Cake

Traditionally wedding cakes are made from fruit cake, however fruit cake can be heavy and it’s not a flavour adored by all. Sponge cake is a plain alternative which will be lighter and ideal for more picky eaters, while chocolate cake is always a big hit especially with the chocoholics you’re bound to invite plenty of.  If your struggling to decide and you’re having a tiered cake why not have tiers in each flavor so you’re sure to please everybody.

If your sticking with a traditional fruit cake then simple icing sugar will compliment it best, remember it doesn’t have to be white though, icing sugar can be coloured just about to any colour you can think of so you’ll easily find a perfect match for your wedding colour scheme. If you go with a chocolate or sponge cake traditionally you would also cover these with icing sugar too. With a plain sponge cake you could think about adding a subtle lemon or orange flavour to compliment the cake and make it a little more exciting. Choosing a chocolate cake may work best when covered with a chocolate flavored frosting rather than a plain icing but remember it’s all down to personal choice!

Tradition around Cutting the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can either be placed on a decorated table in the reception venue or brought out after everybody has arrived. The cake is placed on its table which is usually situated where all the main people of the wedding can see it most e.g. in front of the top table.

When the cake is ready to be cut either after speeches or later on in the night if you prefer.

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The Budget and Prices of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes can get quite pricey; baking your own is a great way to cut costs down. It will take some time, preparation and dedication along with patience but with all the pre-rolled icing sugar and cake mixes available it’s worth a good go. Think of the satisfaction at the end when you see your own home made cake in the centre of your reception being admired by everyone.

If you’re just not the baker type there are a few little changes you can make to keep prices down if you’re sticking to a budget. Square shaped cakes seem to be significantly more in price around £40 on average however in the long run they work out cheaper then round cakes as they serve around 60% more people than round cakes. Another simple change to make is to use sponge cake it’s not much cheaper then chocolate or fruit cake but saving where you can all helps.

So now you know where to save money. Square, sponge three tier fully decorated wedding cakes can easily be found on the web or in local bakeries for under £300.