Are you a self confessed chocoholic and just love the sound of a large beautiful chocolate wedding cake? If so the chocolate wedding cake is going to be right at the top of your wish list!

white chocolate wedding cake

The traditional wedding cakes made from fruit are quite rich, can be heavy and not always favoured by all. Sponge cake is a plain alternative which will be lighter and ideal for the picky eaters. A chocolate sponge, white chocolate or chocolate fudge cake is always a big hit especially with the chocoholics you’re bound to invite plenty of at a wedding and after all chocolate is the food of love!


If your struggling to decide and you’re having a tiered cake why not have tiers in each flavor so you’re sure to please everybody, or add a home made tier using our chocolate wedding cake recipe or decorate the wedding cake table with some pretty wedding cupcakes

chocolate wedding cake

If you go with a chocolate or sponge cake traditionally you would cover these with icing sugar or fondant too. With a plain sponge cake you could think about adding a subtle lemon or orange flavor to compliment the cake and make it a little more exciting. Choosing a chocolate cake may work best when covered with a chocolate flavored frosting rather than a plain icing but remember it’s all down to personal choice!

M&S chocolate wedding cake

Marks and Spencer