Cascading Bouquet also referred to as the teardrop bouquet or waterfall bouquet. – The most traditional of all bouquets it’s designed to have a fuller flower coverage at the top and spill gracefully over the brides hands into a delicate trails of flowers as the teardrop shape suggests.

Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Almost all flowers can be used in a cascading bouquet. Lily of the valley creates a fresh and crisp spring bouquet and cascades elegantly perfect for a very classy wedding, whilst roses and lilies give a larger bloom and some drama.

pink rose cascade bouquet

Long stem roses make the perfect flower for the cascade bouquet and not only give a variety of colours they create a fullness to the bouquet shape

Cascading Bouquet

If you are looking for something more unusual then contrasting foliage like these dark green leaves, strands of ivy or trails of fern will add that touch of drama and give a very different look.

modern cascade bouquet

Things to consider when choosing a cascade style bouquet.

  • Design of your dress – this style of bouquet looks beautiful with almost all dress designs, however if you have a lot of detail, beading or something like a colour panel down the front skirt of the wedding dress you may want to assess if the bouquet will hide the design whilst walking down the isle and on photographs.
  • The size of the bouquet – This can be basically up to you! But you will need to contemplate how the bouquet will look with the size of your dress, the correct size of bouquet should not detract attention away from your wedding dresses, nor should it look insignificant if you have a dress with a larger fuller skirt.

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