This Brunette Wedding Hair Updo Large Curls is a very extravagant and dramatic style that would look out of place anywhere else but your wedding day, as it’s your special day and a once in a life time occasion why not go all out and have a spectacular hairstyle to go with it!

Brunette Wedding Hair Updo Large Curls

The large curls are smooth and sleek showing off all the tones in the hair perfect if you have highlights or are lucky enough to have naturally beautiful multi-tonal hair. The volume in this style creates fullness whilst the large barrel curls add a feminine edge. It’s the sort of hairstyle that would suit any wedding gown adding drama to a more simple dress but also complimenting a full and totally embellished gown too.

This is not the sort of hairstyle anybody can just magically do to perfection, it takes time and a fully qualified hairdresser who specialises in updos to complete a masterpiece such as this one. Basically this style consists of a series of large barrel curls entwined around one another starting at the nape of the neck right the way through to the front of the head.

A side fringe has been left down on this version however a full fringe or no fringe would work just as well.