This Brunette Wedding Hair Updo Highlights is a beautiful hairstyle for anybody with naturally curly hair, it’s a style the looks naturally and effortlessly beautiful drawing attention to your gorgeous face. With out naturally curly hair or a perm this style could be quite tricky to achieve however one of the things that make’s this style is the highlights and anybody can have them!

Brunette Wedding Hair Updo Highlights

Stylish column gowns that hug the body and give the appearance of a longer leaner silhouette are the perfect match to an updo such as this one. Oval faces look fab with an updo like this one whilst square shaped faces can really benefit from the softening curly texture.

To create this updo start off by washing your hair and leaving it to dry with some mousse to help define your curls and eliminate frizz. Once dry make a small side parting and then start to sweep the hair back, pin sections in place until you create a bun like updo.

Finish off with a few flowers complimenting the hair colour for a romantic look or some diamantes for a more glamorous look.