This Brunette Wedding Hair Pearl Decoration is a very elegant bridal hairstyle beautifully finished off with a pearl tiara to give a really classy look. The pearls are a stunning contrast against the dark brunette hair however if you wanted something with a little more sparkle replacing the pearls with a crystal tiara would also look as effective.Brunette Wedding Hair Pearl Decoration

The way all the hair is neatly scraped back makes it well suited to brides to be with oval shaped faces, if you do wish to wear a style similar to this one but have a heart or square shape face then adding a sweeping side fringe will help it to compliment your shape more. Full skirted gowns such as the ballerina or princess style are a well matched option to a classy updo such as this one.

To create this look start by scraping all the hair back off the face and fastening in a high pony tail, smooth over with hair spray and a comb to get the sleek effect and eliminate the possibilities of fly aways. To create the bun it’s a case of back combing the pony tail and bending it under at the bottom then securing with grips. If you have shorter hair then you can buy hair pieces to go over a pony tail with the same bun effect to them and they just clip in place, simple.