This Brunette Wedding Hair Flower Plaits Decoration is a very pretty hairstyle quite simply achieved and easily adapted to different seasons by changing the flower entwined within the plaits. Daisies are perfect for spring and summer whilst a deep red or orange cosmos are better suited to autumn and winter.

Brunette Wedding Hair Flower Plaits Decoration

This girly updo is simple yet elegant and best paired with a similar simple yet elegant style of dress rather then a full skirted over the top wedding gown. Empire line wedding gowns are very floaty and flattering they look even more beautiful when finished off with a pretty updo such as this one. Like most updos that don’t add height or fullness to the crown they can be altered by adding a full or side fringe to suit different face shapes.

To create this look plait two plaits one on each side of the head entwining one of your chosen flower into each one. Secure them at the bottom with bobbles and then pull them back across as shown in the image. They can either be pinned in place there or if you have really long hair brought back around to create a look of four plaits rather then two. Try and hide the tufty ends of the plaits by folding them back on them selves before pinning into place to make the updo appear neat and tidy.