This gorgeous Brunette Wedding Chignon Hairstyle consists of sleek sweeping, height and a very complex looking chignon. It’s a very glamorous updo which will attract a lot of attention which is great after all it is your big day. A big statement updo like this needs a big statement wedding gown to go with it!

Brunette Wedding Chignon Hairstyle

A full skirted ballerina dress is the perfect match. If you’re wondering if an extravagant updo like this one would suit you then your in luck, the versatility of being able to incorporate any fringe into this style makes it suitable for any face shape.

To create a complex chignon start off by getting your foundations right, sweep hair from the sides smoothly back into a low pony tail and backcomb the crown of the head to add a little height. The chignon is then made up by weaving barrel curls in and out of one another, you will need a lot of hair to do this especially if you wish to make a bun similar sized to this one. If you have fine hair or it’s a little short an option is to always buy a ready made chignon and place if over a low pony tail, its also an easy option as this updo is not the simplest.

To finish off decorate with either flowers or pearls around the bun.