This Brunette Wedding Chignon Hairstyle Decoration is a very sleek and simple updo that creates a classy look. It looks fab with the rich tones of the naturally shiny brunette hair. The style doesn’t add any height and the side parting makes the addition of a sweeping side fringe very easily done making this bridal do perfect for many face shapes including, long, round, oval and heart.

Brunette Wedding Chignon Hairstyle Decoration

It a style that looks gorgeous when paired with an elegant fitted dress, a crisp pure white would not only match the pretty flower decoration but add a dramatic contrast against the sexy brunette hair colour.

To simply achieve this look start by creating a small side parting at the front of the face and then comb the rest of the hair back. To get the sleek smooth effect spritz the hair lightly with some hairspray and then brush over it gently with a comb. Take two large sections of the hair from each side of the face and start to twist them getting tighter the further down the hair you get. Once all the hairs twisted twirl them into two buns one on each side of the head fixing in place with some hair grips.

To finish off add some flower decoration to the chignons and sweep your fringe over to the side.