This classic Brunette updo with Flowers is very simple but effective, the white contrasting flowers look stunning against the dark brunette hair and in my opinion they really finish this hair style off beautifully. It’s a very versatile style making it adaptable to suit any face shape, for heart face shapes add a side fringe softening and hiding a large forehead.

Brunette updo with Flowers

Long faces should think about a full fringe plus some wispy chin length layers to help shorten the face. Square face shapes are well suited to this style by simply adding a side fringe and some wavy pieces around the face to detract from its angular shape whilst round faces should opt for a side parting and soft side fringe.

All the detail of this updo is at the back of the head making it perfect combined with low back dresses or gowns with a stunning train.

To achieve this look start by gathering the hair in a low pony tail in the centre of the head, hair needs to be quite long and full to create this big bun style without it looking gappy or having bits flicking out. Some clip in hair extensions may be used to bulk out the hair to help achieve this style. Start the bun by taking sections and bending them back round securing above the bobble. Continue to do this starting at one side working your way round until all the hair is up, use the flowers to cover any clips up and add some romance into the hair style.