bridal lingerie for skin tonesSome brides to be may think its only bridal underwear and lingerie colours are not that important, however when it’s all you’re wearing you want it to be not only the most flattering shape for you but that most flattering colours too.

Skin tones generally fall into to four categories and believe it or not wearing the wrong colours for your skin tone can make your skin look dull and unhealthy or highlight unflattering undertones. The four skin tones categories correspond with the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring Skin Tones

Spring skin tones are generally pale and often have freckles, fresh pastel colours such as yellow, green and blue are most suited to you whilst bold black and pure white will look harsh and unflattering against your skin.

Summer Skin Tones

Summer skin will have pink undertones again like spring you are most suited to pastel shades, bold and bright especially primary colours should be avoided also if you have to choose between white and black white would always be your best option.

Autumn Skin Tones

Autumn skin tones are usually a bit warmer, if you have brunette hair or a red tinge to your hair with olive skin you fall into the autumn category. Earthy tones will be the most flattering on you, if you’re stuck for ideas think about the shades you would find outside on an autumn day and you can’t go wrong.

Winter Skin Tones

Winter skin has two types pale with yellow undertones and warm with blue undertones. Bold colours and deep jewel shades are best for winter skin plus you can pull off both black and white.