Looking good in your underwear and lingerie for your wedding will be quite important to most brides. In fact most brides will shop for bridal lingerie that is a little bit special, will also be good for comfort, they will choose something which is sexy and figure flattering and of course which will complement the wedding dress shape as the last thing needed is bulges or straps showing.

bridal lingerie for your figure

There are lots of styles and choices in bridal lingerie from the simple pretty bra and knicker sets, to body shape-wear, curve-enhancing corset and basques so where do we start!  To find that perfect lingerie you must first determine your body shape and to remember you should be aiming to emphasise your most favored assets but never buy anything that accentuates your problem areas or areas you least like or favor.

The first step to finding the correct lingerie for you is to establish what body shape you are, the female body shapes typically fall into four categories, apple, pear, hourglass and boyish/athletic so what shape are you?

  • Pear shaped ladies are bottom heavy and typically will have wide hips, narrow shoulders and smaller breasts
  • Apple shaped women often have narrow hips, a protruding stomach and wider shoulders
  • Lucky hourglass figures will have shoulders and hips of equal width whilst the waist will nip in giving a very curvy feminine shape
  • Boyish/athletic shaped bodies are trim and have narrow hips and small boobs

How would you describe your figure?

Slim on both your top and bottom halves
Wider on your top half as you have a bigger bust but slim on your bottom half
The same width on your top and bottom halves and you are quite curvy
Wide on your bottom half at the bum and hips and slim on your top half

Once you know your body shape choosing the right underwear is much easier and wearing exactly the right lingerie on your wedding day will shape and sculpt your body and to ensure you feel glamorous and special.