boyish woman body shapeBoyish shaped bodies are straight up and down and usually athletic looking, sometimes called the ruler this body shape has narrow hips, a waistline which is inline with the hips and bust and small boobs.

The main traits of your boyish shaped body are:

  • Undefined Waist
  • Narrower Hips
  • Small Bust

Despite being slendar, ladies of this body shape usually want to look curvier, if the boyish athletic body shape is you and you feel you need more of a curvy figure then our few easy tips will guide you through how to make your figure appear fuller and rounder without looking bulked out.

Boyish shaped bodies need to try and create some feminine curves; the easiest way to do this is with padded bras, shape wear or a waist cincher and some pretty hipster briefs with added ruffles or frills on the hips. However if your not into girly frills or your dress simply won’t allow it wearing a simple fitted corset will help give the illusion of a feminine hourglass figure.