Headbands are a very pretty choice for bridal hair. They aren’t as extravagant as a tiara yet they are more practical as they do a wonderful job of keeping the hair back off the face.  They are usually made of a silver or gold band to compliment your gown (silver complimenting pure crisp whites and cooler colours whilst gold compliments creams and warmer tones.)

Bridal Headbands

The band is then covered as much or as little as you like with your choice of either crystals, beads, pearls, ribbon or diamantes. If you don’t want your headband to sparkle with diamantes from start to finish there are some gorgeous headbands out there that have fabulous designs to the right or left hand side of the band, these can work really well if you have a sweeping fringe or are wearing you’re hair up to one side.

Headbands can be as thin and delicate or wide and dramatic as you like what ever you feel goes with your wedding dress the most. Like all head wear they come in a wide range of colours so make sure you buy your dress and choose your colour scheme first, it can be very hard trying to match everything to something so small.

Double Headband

Are becoming an increasingly popular choice as they are so versatile, each one can be worn in different ways all looking gorgeous and unique.

They are exactly the same as a normal headband apart from one difference; they are made up of two usually thin bands that have a gap between the two ranging from a few millimetres to a wider few inches.

When worn as a bridal accessory they are often made of crystals, diamantes or pearls. They are usually very delicate and will finish of any hair style which some elegance and glamour especially if you choose one covered with diamantes.

When choosing a double headband there is one very big positive that you don’t get with any other hair accessories which allows each one to be adapted to suit everybody whatever your face shape.

They can be worn in a multiple of ways, tilted to add height like a tiara (perfect for a round face shape,) flat to the head wearing the hair either in an updo or down (the perfect compliment to a oblong face,) or wrapped around a bun giving a very classy finish to any chignon (gorgeous for oval face shapes.)