Hair pins are a gorgeous way of finishing of an updo or completing a short hair style if you want a more subtle look. For the full works and as much glitz and glamour possible they can be worn along with a tiara/comb/headband but it’s totally up to you and the look you’re going for.

Bridal Hair Pins

They come in all sizes from tiny little pearls and diamantes to larger exquisitely designed decorative pieces. What ever you can think of whether it’s to scatter sparkling diamantes in a bun or pin a beautiful swarovski crystal flower in your hair its all possible with bridal hair pins.

Typical designs often chosen by brides include flowers, hearts, butterflies and vines along with the simpler individual crystal, pear and beaded pins. They come in a very wide range of colours and are all made to look very classy and elegant which is perfect for your wedding day.

Good quality bridal hair pins in a wide range of style can be found quite cheaply online and even in some high street stores! Debenhams and Claires Accessories are two well known UK high street stores that stock some gorgeous hair pins which are great if you’re on a tight budget when it comes to your hair.