Combs are a less formal choice when it comes to bridal hair accessories, there not as extravagant as a tiara or headband but more noticeable and make more of an impact than wearing a hairpin.

Bridal Hair Combs

As the name suggests a comb is just a decorative accessory that can be adorned in diamantes, pearls or crystals that simply combs into the hair and fixes itself in place.

They can be worn the any hair style which makes them great if your undecided on how you want your hair when it comes to buying your dress and all its finishing touches such as the veil and accessories.

Having the ability to be worn complimenting any hair style depending on where you choose to place the comb also means it will suit any face shape which is a big plus if you’re struggling to decide what looks best on you.

Wearing a comb like a mini tiara in the centre of your head will give you height perfect for round faces but also heart shaped faces if you choose one that peaks in the centre.

For those with square shaped faces choose one with a curvy feminine design and remember to wear some lose waves around your face if you do want to wear it all down, other than that you can wear a comb wear you like.

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face then you can wear your hair with your comb and veil how ever you like as everything will look gorgeous on you.

Lastly if you have an oblong shaped face remember to try and add width but no height, combs look fabulous with an updo especially when worn off centre which is perfect for you.