Blue is a cool, calming colour. Its many shades send out feelings of calmness, tranquility, truthfulness, nobleness, and faithfulness. Blue is a colour that has so many shades you are bound to find one that you love. Blue is often the colour you symbolize with winners. In many cultures blue is the colour which brings peace and keeps bad spirits away.

blue wedding theme

Shades of Blue

Air Force blue, Alice blue, Azure, Baby blue, Bleu celeste, Bondi blue, Brandeis blue, Cambridge Blue, Carolina blue, Ceil, Cerulean, Cobalt blue, Columbia blue, Cornflower blue, Cyan, Deep sky blue, Denim Blue, Dodger blue, Duke blue, Egyptian blue, Electric blue, Eton blue, Federal blue, Glaucous, Iceberg blue, Indigo, Majorelle Blue, Maya Blue, Midnight blue, Navy blue, Oxford Blue, Palatinate blue, Periwinkle blue, Persian blue, Powder blue, Prussian blue, Royal blue, Sapphire blue, Smalt, St. Patrick’s blue, Steel blue, Teal, Tiffany Blue.

Colours to Compliment Blue Weddings

Blue has always been a popular wedding colour, it looks stunning when paired with a ivory or cream wedding gown but also as the primary colour for a weddings colour scheme. When choosing colours to compliment blue you could start with your favorite colour, the colour of a certain flower you must have at your wedding or even what colours suit your grooms and bridesmaids skin tones.

Every colour comes in different shades and tones so you are bound to find one that will be perfect for you. If you want you’re wedding to warm, traditional and luxurious you should use rich deep midnight blues carefully in small doses. Deep blues and royal blues combined with neutral colours such as ivory, cream, silver, grey and white looks subtle, classy and sophisticated at a wedding. Blue is a great colour to be used year round, while the deep blues are best used in winter pastel shades such as duck egg or baby blue and sky blue are perfect for spring and summer weddings especially when put with pinks and yellows. Remember with cool colours little is more and you don’t have to over do it small doses are often more effective then large doses when it comes to fresh, statement colours. Balloons, table decorations, bridesmaid dresses, cravats or the waist coat of the groom along with ribbons on the flowers or even the cake would be the perfect examples of where you could use an accent colour along to compliment the blue and tone it down it to create that not tacky but grandeur wedding theme.

Blues can work amazing not only as the primary colour at a wedding but also when being used to adding glam to other colours. Using a touch of dark blue to paler blues or a grey colour scheme will add depth to the colour and contrast. Adding blue to certain colours can change the look completely dashes of blue can cleverly be used to tone down warm colours such as fiery reds and oranges.

Colours to Avoid at a Blue Wedding

If you are going for that classy, elegant wedding most of us dream of then there are some rules when using blue. Bright neon colours such as hot pink, kiwi-green, neon orange, bright pinkish-purples, neon yellow shouldn’t be paired with pastel blues or rich blues, they will either over power the delicate pastel shades or detract to the glamour of sapphire blues. For the most elegant look keep colours simple and neutral when using blues.

Blue Wedding Decorations

Decorations besides the bride of course are a fabulous way to make a wedding have everybody saying ‘wow’. The perfect decorations should feature throughout your day displaying only the colours you have chosen for your theme. From blue wedding flowers, balloons and confetti through to blue chair covers, ribbons and candles for day and gold napkins, table cloths, sparklers and centrepieces for night decorations can really make a wedding inviting and look stunning. Besides the usual decorations everybody thinks of its always nice to think hard and add personal touches that mean things to you to your decorations.

Blue Wedding Favours

Favours are the perfect way to say thank you to all your guests for attending your special day and will give them something they can keep to remind them of your wedding. Finding favours in blue will be an easy job but if you wish to give favours that don’t match your colour scheme you do have the choice of favour boxes and organza bags that come in all colours. Putting favours in small boxes or bags means you can give your guests anything you wish in any colour and they won’t detract from your blue theme as they will be concealed but also beautifully presented. Another option is to introduce that accent colour again whether it is cream or lilac it will still fit in with your colour scheme and you may have more option when it comes to buying the favours. Traditionally favours were sugared almonds, chocolates wrapped in foil or candy of some sort. That would work well with having an blue colour scheme as there are candy and foil covered chocolates in abundance in every colour imaginable, however if you plan to give something your guests can keep what about miniature bubbles, picture frames, stationary or even lottery ticket holders which has become very popular, these all come in almost all colours to fit in with any wedding. For the kids activity books and jars filled with blue jelly beans or other sweets would be a great idea and keep them amused through the wedding speeches, perfect.