This Blonde Wedding Hair Updo Large Curls gorgeous hairstyle looks stunning in champagne blonde but also any other true colour such as a rich brunette, warm auburn and even jet black! It’s a sleek and stylish updo that adds a modern twist on the popular barrel curl by combing large and small ones together. It’s a very elegant updo and is fabulously suited to classic, simple dresses with not too many ruffles or too much lace.Blonde Wedding Hair Updo Large Curls

This style of bridal hair shows off the perfect proportions of the ‘ideal’ oval shape face whilst it can also look absolutely stunning on a heart face shape highlighting those feminine cheekbones and mesmerizing eyes. For round faces adding a little quiff into the style will help adapt it so it lengthens your face rather then making it appear even rounder.

Creating this look is pretty simple and doesn’t necessarily need to be done by a hairdresser, however I wouldn’t suggest fiddling around with the back of your hair yourself, get a friend or family member to help you out.

To start scrape all your hair back from your face and fix it in a mid pony tail. To create the barrel curls take sections of the hair, spray each section with a little spray and then run it through your first and second finger smoothing out the hair and adding shine. Bend each section of the hair round and fix it in place with a hair grip making a barrel curl, continue with this until all the hair in the pony tail is used up or hidden with curls. The longer your hair is and larger sections you take the bigger the barrel curls will be.