This Blonde Wedding Hair Updo Flower Design is created by a series of loose pleats sweeping the hair back off the face and up, the perfect way to showcase an extravagant dress. It’s a very romantic hairstyle and the flowers carefully placed into position add some extra interest and glamour.

Blonde Wedding Hair Updo Flower Design

The swirls in this updo co-ordination beautifully with the sexy mermaid style wedding gown whilst the girly ballerina style gown is made to look a little more grown up and elegant.

This updo is a versatile style and you can practically completely change it to suit any face shape! Side partings and sweeping side fringes to suit square and round face shapes and centre partings with full fringes for heart shaped faces. Lucky oval faces get to pick how they wear their hair at the front as all styles will you suit.

To achieve this style, hair should firstly be straightened with a slight bounce so that the pleats appear frizz free and smooth. Hair should then be parted and sectioned into three main parts to create the majority of the pleats, any lose hair should be pinned in place creating a loose swirl. Spray can be used to hold it all in place and loosely running fingers over the pleats will help keep fly aways to a minimum. Flowers or any other decoration you wish to use can then be pinned into place finishing the look off.