This Blonde Wedding Hair Long Soft Curls looks stunning with platinum blonde hair or hair that’s highlighted more then one shade, the sleek smooth curls really show off each colour beautifully. The updo looks sexy and sophisticated whilst the loose soft tumbling down make it appear more effortlessly beautiful and a lot more suited to other face shapes besides the ‘ideal’ oval.

Blonde Wedding Hair Long Soft Curls

Fishtail and A-line dresses compliment this extravagant hair style whilst leaving the collar bone, shoulders and back free from hair gives you the chance to show off all the detail on your dress and any jewellery you wish to wear. The height of the updo combined with the soft curls framing the face makes it suited to any face shape with exception to long faces as the height will just lengthen the face even more. To adapt this style to suit a long face just lower the barrel curls so they are more in the centre of the head rather then the top and wear with a full fringe.

To create this style, first start off by curling all of the hair. Next section the hair from the crown of the head off and tie in a high pony tail, the rest of the hair is put up in small sections pinning each section near the bobble creating the sort of criss-cross look on the back of the head. Before you pin each section of the hair spritz it with some hair spray and then comb it with a tail comb to create the sleek and shiny effect. The majority of the hair in the pony tail should be wrapped into barrel curls leaving some of the curls lose to frame the face. Crystals can look effective placed in the hair from the nape of the neck up to the barrel curls whilst adding some extra sparkle too.