This is a fabulous blonde chignon with a bit of a twist, rather then the chignon (bun) being a basic nape of the neck bun it’s a little more complex made up of twists and barrel curls far a Blonde Loose Chignon Wedding Hairstyle. The side parting and sweeping fringe combined with the volume created at the side of the face makes it beautifully suited to those with a long or oblong face shape. Blonde Loose Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

It’s a very youthful updo, however being slightly more on the delicate side then extravagant its better suited to the more minimal dresses. In my opinion this updo combined with an elegant A-line dress is the perfect match.

To create this style of chignon start off by side parting the hair, twist the hair on either side to pull it back off the face in an interesting pretty way. Carry on twisting them until you reach the centre of the head creating a pony tail and tie them in a bobble with the rest of the hair. To make the bun take small sections of the pony tail bending them into barrel curls fixing with grips, to make it easier start at the top and work you’re way round until the curls form a circle.

If you wish to get the sleek smooth look spritz each section of the hair with some hairspray and then run it through your first and second finger before pinning it under.