This Blonde Formal Wedding Hairstyle is great for brides who want to look really classy and elegant on their big day. The smooth sleek look shows off shine whilst the quiff at the front adds height lengthening the face making it the perfect compliment to a round face shape. This updo would be stunning paired with a fitted fish tail dress yet the pristine look of the updo makes it suited to just about any elegant gown.Blonde Formal Wedding Hairstyle

To create this look you will possibly need the help of a professional hairdresser, to get it just right everything has to be neat, tidy and perfectly in place which can be a bit tricky to achieve if you’re not experienced in creating updos. If you are willing to give it a go then to start create a quiff at the front of the face, each bit of hair you work with should be hair sprayed lightly and then combed through to ensure its as smooth as possibly. Next take the hair from the bottom half of the head and tie in a pony tail, bend the hair under and secure in place with grips to create the first layer. Section the rest of the hair into two, taking the middle section sweep it round and under pinning it making sure to hide the grips. Repeat this with the last section of hair and its complete!