Ballerina similar to the biedermeier bouquets became popular in world war two when flowers weren’t as available. The Ballerina bouquet is cheap to make as only a simple small bouquets of your chosen flower is used and the end result is quite compact.  The rest of the bouquet is make up from an abundance of tulle or net creating a very pretty design. The tulle makes ballerina bouquets beautifully decorative and very feminine a very popular choice amongst brides.

ballerina wedding bouquets

The biedermeier bouquet is usually quite similar in design but dreated with flowers in contrasting colors which are arranged in a circular pattern.

As the ballerina bouquets are usually smallish and compact it is better to use a limited amount of colours together, the brides bouquet can stand out from the bridesmaid and flower girls with a different colour tulle or ribbon.

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