Autumn is the season of crisp, fresh air starting in September and ending in November Autumn brings some of the most amazing colours to all trees and flowers.

autumn wedding flowers

If you’re undecided on which beautiful flowers to have at your wedding day then choosing by seasons is a great place to start! Flowers are known to make every girl smile so taking the time to choose some you love will not be regretted, after all they will be seen in probably every photograph you have. Choosing your flowers based on the season you get married in will not only look in keeping but save you a lot of money. Flowers that are in season are a lot easier to source therefore the prices will be at their lowest which is great.

Here are the most popular flowers used at autumn weddings that bring those stunning reds, oranges and browns to weddings;

October is the month where Halloween takes place, themed weddings can be fun and help you out dramatically when trying to decide on colours and decorations. For Halloween inspired flowers make bouquets up of bright orange gerberas, deep orange sunflowers and rich red dahlias there colours will look hot and vibrant and defiantly seasonal. To go that extra mile why not display your flower arrangements in pumpkins, candles and some drama.

Perfect Autumn Buttonholes


Buttonholes are a small flower arrangement usually made up from the same flowers as the bouquets.  Autumn buttons holes are usually simple, stylish and elegant. Cockscomb is a traditional flower to use at weddings a small stem tied with a simple ribbon can make a pretty button hole. Baby‘s breathe is a favourite of florists it looks great mixed with roses for a classic button hole. If your looking for something a bit special gerberas make very bright button holes in stunning shades of reds, orange and yellow perfect for autumn. The orange rose is a perfect buttonhole for autumn.

Stunning Autumn Centerpieces

Autumn Centerpieces

Centrepieces these days can be anything you want them to be ranging from classic flower bouquets and candles to gold fish in glass bowls. If you’re a flower person then keep in mind when choosing your table decoration that people will want to chat over the tables so keep in mind the height and width of the centrepieces. Single tall stems of orange Gerberas, Narcissus, Roses and Tuberose look sophisticated, modern and elegant. The rich colours will bring an elegant display to any autumn wedding but also take up little room leaving that much needed space for plates, favours etc. If you prefer a more traditional centrepiece a small bouquet is perfect for you. Bouquets of Baby’s Breath, Blackberry Lily, Cockscomb, Living stones and Iris’ make beautiful and tasteful centre pieces. Bouquets of Narcissus are the perfect centre piece to show off autumn time glamour and beauty at weddings. Just remember when choosing the flowers for you reception venue that the majority of your wedding will be spent there, people will be socializing, dancing and eating there so your flowers need to be fabulous but not have an overpowering scent.

When planning your wedding and wedding flowers don’t forget to check the availability of your chosen flowers with your wholesalers or florists. Some flowers can be seasonal and this will reflect in the price for that month.

Beautiful Autumn Bouquets

Autumn Bouquets

There are so many styles of bouquets to choose from, the most popular are;

The Posy – A small rounded bouquet easily held in one hand that’s either hand tied by ribbon or structured and wired together. Baby’s breath is a beautiful delicate autumn flower that’s a favourite of florists, it can be added to other flowers such as poppies to give the posy that extra something. A fabulous autumn posy can be made up from roses the burnt oranges, deep reds and chocolate browns look stunning in a posy embellished with pearls or beads.

The Arm Bouquet – Popular since the 1900’s and fit the part beautifully in modern weddings. Long stems of orchids are dainty and unusual their endless choice of colours means they look great in all seasons. For autumn think about earthy shades of oranges, browns, reds, greens and yellows.

Cascading Bouquet – The most traditional of all bouquets its designed to spill gracefully over the brides hands into a delicate trail of flowers. Almost all flowers can be used in a cascading bouquet. Stephanotis are classic flowers traditionally used in cascading bouquets, a pure beautiful flower makes them suitable for any season.

Pomander Bouquet – Balls of delicate flowers suspended from a decorative ribbon pomander bouquets look beautiful and petite often carried by flower girls and young brides maids. Poppies make very unique, bright, fun and typically autumn pomander bouquets. Narcissus are very pretty flowers they are at their most attractive in autumn and make gorgeous pomander balls so give them a thought.