Sometimes short hairstyles can be tricky to make look a little different to normal and a bit extra special for occasions such as you’re wedding however if you can manage to scrape you’re hair up into a high pony just like this Auburn Wedding Hairstyle Short Curls With Flowers then this is a beautiful style.

Auburn Wedding Hairstyle Short Curls With Flowers

The height on top from the pretty curls and flowers compliments a round face whilst pulling the hair completely off the face is the perfect way to showcase a fabulous oval face a proportionate features. This style is perfect with strapless dresses especially those with sweetheart necklines, having the hair up off the face will elongate the neck and strapless dresses will help accentuate that.

This look is easily made, to start with curl all the hair with some tongs or straighteners which ever you prefer. Gently run your fingers through the curls to separate them then scrape it all back off you’re face tying in a high pony tail. Pin some of the curls round to hide the bobble and let the rest of them just hang loosely, finish off with a little hair spray and a few flowers or diamante or rose buds for added decoration.