This is a fabulous Auburn Wedding Hair Long Soft Curls With Flower look for auburn hair that has a natural kink or curl to it, the loose soft curls compliment the bold unusual hair colour showcasing it beautifully. The long length of the hair combined with the soft curls creates a truly romantic theme that will suite most dress designs especially the fairytale and ballroom styles.

Auburn Wedding Hair Long Soft Curls With Flower

This bridal hairstyle adds height and volume to the face, paired with the swept back fringe. It is the ideal hairstyle for the round and square face shapes, lengthening a round face whilst softening the harsh angles of a square face. Alternatively it’s a great style for those shorter petite brides that would like to look that little bit taller.

The look can be achieved by creating soft curves to the hair, if you have short hair you can invest in some well matched hair extensions to add to the fullness and length. Soft curls are easily created with some straighteners (if you can master it) or some wide barrel curling tongs. The hair is then back combed and clipped into place on the crown and sides of the head to create that beautiful cascade effect. The look can then be finished off with either a flower, hair clip or slides.