The Arm Bouquet also known as the presentation bouquet, pageant bouquet and side bouquet has been popular since the 1900’s. The arm bouquet should be held in the crook of the brides arm and fit the part beautifully in modern weddings and hold their own sophisticated look with the simple beauty of the flowers. Flowers suited to this style of bouquet will be long stemmed such as the orchids, dahlia, roses and alliums as these make stylish and tasteful arm bouquets with a very sophisticated twist with large blooms.

arm bouquet

Factors to consider with this presentation bouquet

  • Style of the wedding dress – ideally you should have a modern design with not too fuller skirt.
  • Type of flowers – As this bouquet is held closer to the body, make sure that the flowers will not stain your dress with pollen or snag the sleeves if you have them.

One of the advantages with the arm bouquet is that the design is simple enough for almost anybody to make. So if you are looking to save some money without this impacting the look of your wedding then this style of bouquet could be ideal for you.

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