1. Bungee jump
Jumping right in with the big one, bungee jumping. Not for the faint hearted, but a great one to arrange without the knowledge of the groom! Certainly not without its pertinent metaphorical value either.

2. Go-karts
Improvable obviously by the addition of comedy costumes.

3. Pool tournament
Or snooker if that’s your bag; either way do make sure the drinks aren’t too cheap because a tournament usually takes long enough that cheaper drinks have time to ruin your life.

4. Target shooting
Don’t tell me you’ve not always wanted to fire a gun, here’s a safe method of catharsis.


5. Pub crawl
The traditional pub crawl, aptly named for its location and its method of perambulation.

6. Assault course
Great for competitive groups, for added excitement you could decide beforehand that the winner becomes the new groom.

7. Comedy club
It’s win/win with comedy clubs- either it’s hilariously good or hilariously bad.

8. Amusement park
Do I need to sell this one to you? It’s a park built exclusively to amuse you.

9. Surfing lessons
For water-lovers among you surfing lessons are not only funny and ordinarily conducted a couple hours before a massive booze-up, but leave you with building blocks for an awesome talent.


10. Zorbing
You mightn’t have heard of Zorbing but once you see if you’ll never forget it.

11. White water rafting
Let the groom know you’re not bitter about his descent into marriagehood, and smash this exhilarating team-oriented activity together as brothers.

12. Rally race
Obviously reserved for stag parties in which every member possesses a driver’s licence… unless you’re in Wales, I bet you could do it without in Wales.

13. Tickets to a sporting event
Got a local football team playing soon? A dramatic boxing grudge-match? Whatever your sport, get a bunch of tickets and chant a celebratory anthem with your boys.

14. Kidnap the stag
Multiple companies offer this service now- a fake kidnapping by some ‘thugs’ demanding ransom. It is more expensive than the real thing, but infinitely more fun for the kidnappee.


15. Quad biking
If a caption is truly required then you mustn’t have ever seen a quad bike.

16. Gentleman’s club
The most classic Stag party idea, a visit to a gentleman’s establishment. What better way is there to celebrate coalescing with the love of your life than by throwing money at scantily clad women?

17. Airsoft
Airsoft, if you haven’t heard of it before, is the closest you can get to real life Call of Duty without risking death.

18. Casino
If you’ve got big bucks and get a thrill from potentially squandering hundreds of them, then a Casino might be the ideal place for you to Stag at.

19. Golf
Who says Stag Parties have to resemble the weekends of teenagers? Have a nice game of golf with your friends.

paint ball

20. Paintball
Do you need any better excuse to take all your friends to some woods and cover eachother in a smattering of bloody bruises and rainbow spots? There’s nothing quite as satisfying as throwing caution to the warnings of the wardens and simply peppering the groom with thousands of tiny paint bullets right in the sensitive areas.