The mother of the bride will have been thinking about the daughters wedding day from way back when she was just a little girl. The outfit she wears will be pondered over quite a bit as she is going to be in the spotlight throughout the day and she will also be on the majority of the wedding photographs.

mother of the bride

The MOTB doesn’t want to blend into the crowd with an unmemorable outfit, but at the same time doesn’t want to overpower, clash or dominate the wedding with her outfit.  Out 10 MOTB fashion tips below should give you some helpful pointers on picking out the perfect outfit.

1. The Wedding Colour Scheme

Find out which colour schemes the bride and groom have chosen before thinking about your own outfit, confer with the grooms mother on her choices of colour and if she has bought her outfit yet. The last thing that you will want is to be in the same shade as the bridesmaids or grooms mum, or to wear a colour that overpowers or clashes with the colour scheme.

Ideally you want to stand out on the day and for the photographs without being overpowering. Think about using a lighter or darker colour of the bridesmaids outfits or the secondary colour if there is one. Using the shade or shades as an accent, or part colour to your own outfit can look great, but again be careful not to be looking like the maid of honour.

Get a colour swatch of the bridesmaid fabrics and see how this looks with a few of your favorite colours, you want to feel confident and comfortable and your favorite colours are likely to be the ones that suit you most. Always take the colour swatch out with you when you are dress shopping.

2. The Wedding Theme

If the wedding is to have a specific theme, you may want to think on how your outfit will complement this. Some weddings have a theme to dress to for the bridal party or all guests, and you may be asked to follow this when choosing your outfit. This can sometimes make things a little easier, especially if its say a 1950 or Great Gatsby type of theme.

Weddings abroad can also bring about specific themes or may just sway the choice more around where the wedding is going to be held and the expected weather.

The most popular wedding themes this year are vintage, traditional, shabby chic, rustic and butterflies.  The theme in most cases will be used for the reception decoration and will be themed into the bridal-wear, you should discuss if/how you can to use the theme into your outfit with your daughter or friends.

3. Wear Clothes for Comfort

try on clothes

Comfort should always be high on your priority list. You want to really enjoy the day and to feel fully comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Avoid any outfits where you feel restrained or limit movement in any way, your day is going to consist of lots of sitting, standing, posing for photographs and even dancing later in the day.

Remember that you will be eating and drinking at the reception and your waist line may increase by a couple of inches. If your outfit can adjust or has a little stretch this can ideal – especially as you will be sitting right through he wedding speeches.

4. The Grooms Mother

The grooms mum is likely to be around the same age and if you are not already quite close friends, this is an ideal time to get to know her more.

As a perfect shopping partner you will hold the same excitement for the wedding and can discuss ideas, colours and style. Being in-touch with the grooms mother will also give that added confidence in knowing that your not going to turn up wearing anything too similar.

5. Your Style

It is well worth researching into what is going to suit your body shape.  There are 4 main body shapes, the pear, apple, hourglass and boyish frame, there is no better or worse shape and all figures can look fabulous if you chose the styles which suit you the most.

Along with dress design the colours, fabrics, pattern and accessories all play a crucial part in the finished look. If you want to go all out on getting it right there as some great style and fashion advisers online.

6. Wedding Hairstyle

mother of the bride hairstyles

Your hairstyle should be one that you can wear with comfort and one which matches your outfit style too. You will need to think about and plan your hairstyle appropriately if you are to wear a hat or fascinator or other hair accessory.

An updo style, chignon, or backcombed and groomed look will suit the more formal, elegant and classic look. Where as a softer natural curl, clipped sides and hair combs will lean towards a more informal, natural relaxed look.

7. Wedding Makeup


It is well worth introducing a skin and beauty regime on the run up to the wedding day, if you are to wear any new make-up products make sure that you fully test and trial them out well before the day – the last thing you want to find is blotching, spots or a reaction to new products.

Avoid going for a dramatic makeup change on the wedding day.  If you want to try something new like a stronger eyeshadow shade or highlighting your brows then do this a good few times before the wedding to make sure you get a good reaction from family and friends and you feel good.

Don’t forget that the day may bring about a few tears and your makeup needs to be able to withstand a few moments of tearful eyes and also some hugging and kissing!

8. Hats and Head-wear

motb hat

There are no hard and fast rules for wearing wedding hats, the choice is your own personal preference. Some MOTB are quite excited to be wearing a wedding hat and others just simply hate the idea! Go and see what is out there in the shops and boutiques, there are some lovely headbands and slides and some fantastic designs in wedding hats that range from the unusual to the hats you could wear ongoing as a summer hat.

9. Shoes and Accessories

Aim to buy your shoes a good couple of months prior to the wedding, ensure they are well fitting and wear them indoors at different times of the day as your feet will be a little larger in the mornings.  When considering heal size, make sure that you wear something within your comfort zone. You don’t want to be having or thinking about achy tired feet or look like you are in pain whilst walking or dancing.

Accessories can be a fun way to zing up your outfit and add that little extra design that make you look a million dollars. Always make sure you try on your full outfit including accessories to see the full picture before the wedding day and that you are happy with the full dressed up effect.

If you are wearing a strong colour outfit and hat or fascinator then it may be best to tone down the jewellery some, smaller earrings, necklace and bracelets may give a more subtle look for you.

10. Practice and Opinion

Mother and the bride

Try the whole outfit on a good couple of times in the house, be extremely careful you don’t get makeup on the outfit. Invite your daughter in, friends and of course your husband to get their opinions. Make sure you ask for their opinions and still have time to make changes to the outfit as you don’t want to be left feeling like its all too late to change anything.

Get your husband /partner to take some pictures so you can see the outfit from different views.